Many of your questions can be answered below. What are my options for placing an order? Your best bet for ordering is through the school, order online or mail your order in to us. Why do I have to pay for my child’s photographs before I see them? Your school is on a Pre Paid program which most High Schools have adapted to because of the ease and the short turnaround time. We do offer a retake day and 100% money back guarantee. I lost my online code, what do I do now? Not to worry. Click on the (Need My Online Code) below and fill out a few questions and we will send you your online code. Need My Online Code How long does my order take? In most circumstances, orders should take 2-3 weeks after the photoday for High Schools. For elementary schools orders will take 2-3 weeks after we have picked up the orders at the school. What payments do you accept? We accept cash, visa, master card, money orders and cheques. When paying by cash please send the correct amount as we are unable to provide change. When paying by credit card, please make sure that all areas that need to be filled out are. We do not accept POST DATED CHEQUES. Returned cheques and declined credit cards are subject to a $20.00 fee. I am receiving no gallery found when I try to view photos online? The reason may be that your gallery is not yet up. All online proofs should be online 2-3 days after your child’s photo. If after that time your still receiving the same message please give us a call or email us and we will take care of it. Have a question that we have not answered above. You can always contact us by calling 905-641-8104 or by email at

School Photography Q & A